The average home sale price for Brantford and Brant County in March was $438,361.


To assist in the development and implementation of BRREA initiatives, four committees have been formed; Political Affairs, Community Awareness, Education, and MLS®/Technology. These committees take an active role to promote and strengthen their initiatives via research, policy planning, community outreach and more.

Political Affairs
The Political Affairs Committee (PAC) aims to deliver a political action program at the local, provincial, and national levels. With the best interests of the Brantford community in mind, the PAC strives to provide a strong voice on matters such as the economy, political structure, and any other issues that affect the local area. It is the goal of the PAC to promote the economic significance of the real estate industry, the importance of REALTORS® in investment opportunities, the value of home ownership, and most importantly, securing a bright economic future for the community.

Community Awareness
The Community Awareness Committee is responsible for marketing and public relations to raise the profile of BRREA members, the value of REALTORS®, and the real estate profession. Along with the development of a new branding strategy and marketing plan, the Community Awareness Committee is actively involved in fund development and events for local charities such as Habitat for Humanity Brant. They are also responsible for events exclusive to BRREA members which help to promote networking and partnership between our members, such as Pub Nights, Golf Leagues, and more!

The goal of the Education Committee is to continue to bring valuable training and educational opportunities to BRREA members. With the real estate industry changing and expanding everyday, it is important for BRREA members to have access to workshops, courses, and more that will allow them to remain at the top of their industry.

The goal of the MLS®/Technology Committee is to provide BRREA members and the general public with accurate and useful information and technologies to further the role of REALTORS® in the community. Along with providing updated forms, and initiating a website with an online community for members, the MLS®/Technology Committee also examines the MLS® system, provides useful data and statistics for distribution to members, and continually looks at new ways technology can make a positive impact for REALTORS®, BRREA Members, and the Brantford community.